Below are some frequently asked questions about specific types of appliances:


My refrigerator is not cold enough, can I fix this?
There are a few simple things to check before calling for service. Make sure your outlet where the refrigerator is plugged into has power. Check this by plugging in a lamp and seeing if it works. If the lamp doesn’t work check your circuit breakers first. Next make sure nothing is over lapping the shelves or obstructing the door from closing properly.


My oven or stove is not heating? Help!
Check your circuit breakers first. Usually they need to be switched in the on/off position to work. Electric ones usually have 30-50 amp double breakers in your electrical box and the gas ones are on a 20 amp single breaker. For gas stoves make sure that the shut-off gas valve is turned on. If you smell any gas from a gas appliance turn the shut-off valve off, open the door and windows and call SDG&E. Never try to use the self-cleaning cycle on your oven before any major holidays because this may cause a mal-function of the safety thermostat that will disable the operation of your appliance.


My dishwasher is not cleaning well, what is wrong?
Make sure the water going into the dishwasher is hot enough, so you may want to run your kitchen faucet before starting the dishwasher. A few reasons your dishwasher may not be cleaning well could be due to the hard water problem and improper use of soap. White film build-up inside your dishwasher tank or on your dishes may require cutting down on soap use and the occasional use of dishwasher cleaner.


Why is my washer not filling with water? My washer is flooding, what’s wrong?
Visually, check your inlet hoses for kinks and make sure the shut-off valves are fully turned on. When the washer is on the drain cycle, make sure that water is not overflowing from the drainpipe. In this chase, you may need to call a plumber.


Why is my dryer taking too long to dry?
The most common mistake is thinking that there is something wrong with your dryer, but very often the vent is the cause of the problem. If the problem is ignored for too long, it could lead to a lint fire damaging the appliance or property and in the worst case possibly harm someone. This is especially dangerous in gas dryers. Make sure that you clean your lint trap after each use. You may require a vent cleaning, a service that we offer.


Why is my microwave completely dead?
Make sure your outlet where the microwave is plugged into has power. Check this by plugging in a lamp and seeing if it works. If the lamp doesn’t work check your circuit breakers first. Always cover your food so that it doesn’t splash everywhere because burned food particles can turn into carbon, which is highly conductive and will cause sparking leading to magnetron damage. Never use aluminum foil inside a microwave! Always use microwave safe dishes to prevent injury.


Why is my icemaker not making any ice?
Check to see if the ice-maker is turned on. Check this by making sure that the icemaker shut-off arm is in the down position. Also, check the water supply to make sure the unit is on. Sometimes, old water filters can completely stop the water flow or perhaps your reverse osmosis system under your sink may need servicing.


Why is my disposal making a humming noise?
It may be jammed. Disposals usually come with a small tool that you can use to crank the jam loose by moving it in a back and forth motion (the tool socket is located on the underside of the disposal – in the center). If left humming for too long, the disposal may go completely dead. In most disposals there is a red reset breaker (located on the underside of the disposal) that needs to be pushed on.