Clothes Dryers

Dryer Repair San Diego

Just as important as the washer, your dryer should be functioning in top form. Wet clothes can become a breeding ground for different types of bacteria, so don’t wait our experts are here to get your dryer up and running in no time at all.

Call our dryer repair experts if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Dryer not heating
    • Gas Dryers
      • Common problems: Ignition coils, Igniters, Thermostats, Safety Thermostats and Sensors
    • Electric Dryers
      • Common issues: No 220V power going to dryer, Heating Elements, Thermostats, Safety Thermostats and Burned out terminal blocks and cords
  • Dryer not spinning
    • Common problems: Broken belts, Idler Pulleys, Bad motor, Control board or Timer
  • Dryer squeaking or noisy
    • Common problems: Worn out rollers, Bearings, Idlers, Blower wheel or Motor
  • Dryer won’t power on or Start
    • Common problems: Door switch, Start switch, Broken belt (if model has belt switch), Control board, Timer or No power to dryer
  • Dryer taking too long to dry
    • Common problems: Blocked vent, lint screen not clean

Tips before calling:

  • Check power to dryer
  • Check circuit breakers (Electric Dryers only. Usually double 30AMP breaker)
  • Check if gas is turned on (Gas Dryers only)
  • Check lint screen
  • Check for blocked vent

Our San Diego dryer repair experts can assist with all of the following brands:

Samsung dryer repair, Bosch Dryer repair, LG dryer repair, Miele dryer repair, Whirlpool dryer repair, Maytag dryer repair, Amana dryer repair, Kenmore dryer repair, Asko dryer repair, GE dryer repair, Frigidaire dryer repair and much more.

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